Create and train your own AI Copilots.

AI-powered technological solutions to help businesses optimize their operations and streamline processes.

Simply upload a photo to create your avatar and attach files to train the AI with your business expertise. Seamlessly integrate it into your operations and start generating revenue.

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How to unlock value with AI Copilots?

The Assistants from CloneByMe are tools that add value and, above all, help generate revenue.

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Create your AI Assistants with a digital identity.

Train your own security AI

Train your own artificial intelligence with your data. It operates entirely locally, ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

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Integrate it into your business with just one click—on your website, kiosks, or even holograms!

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A credit is a question and its corresponding answer, regardless of length. Each month, credits reset according to the selected plan. If you reach the limit, users will not be able to interact with the assistant. In that case, it is advisable to upgrade your plan or contact us to tailor a plan to your needs.