Train generative AI assistants using a selfie and attaching files

Clone By Me.

Revolutionize your business with CloneByMe, where a simple selfie and a few files ignite the creation of your bespoke generative AI assistant. This seamless integration into your digital ecosystem not only streamlines operations but also unlocks unparalleled value, propelling your business forward with smarter interactions and strategic insights.

Your identity, your rules.

Build your own 2D/3D assistant with just a selfie

Personalization with AI.

Infuse your assistant with a unique personality through text, PDFs, audio, videos, and more.

Ready to Go!

Chat, create content, and integrate your identity across your digital ecosystem.

Integrate it into your platform.

With our API, you can use your smart assistant wherever you need it most.


Adapted for each personality in the digital universe.

Discover how CloneByMe redefines the digital universe and customizes experiences for each type of user.

Professional and Business Engagement:

Enhance Your Communication. Make every interaction count with assistants that represent your mission.

Interactive Avatars:

Become the Protagonist with Avatars that Reflect Your Essence.

Explorers of the Metaverse:

Pioneering in Virtual Worlds. Experience your identity in a controlled or autonomous manner, as desired.

Creators and influencers:

Elevate Your Personal Brand. Connect and dazzle with your unique essence.


Take part of the new era digital identity

Are you ready to transform your presence in the metaverse and beyond? "CloneByMe" offers a unique experience, merging your essence with advanced AI. Don’t wait any longer, create your avatar today!


Main Features of CloneByMe.

Your identity, your styles

Transform your identity into 2D/3D avatars with a simple selfie.

Ease of use

Just drag and drop data to automatically give your avatar a personality. Without complex settings or effort. It's never been easier to create your own digital human.

Interaction and Monetization

Chat, create content, and integrate your identity across your digital ecosystem.


Why choose CloneByMe?

In a digital world in constant evolution, your identity deserves the best representation.

At CloneByMe, not only do we create avatars; we amplify your essence in the digital world, the metaverse, and video games with the precision of artificial intelligence.

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FAQ Section

Questions and Answers about CBM

CloneByMe adapts to various digital platforms, from emerging metaverse environments to smart website integrations. CloneByMe will always be there for you.

Use it to create content, generate videos, and post them on your preferred platforms. The possibilities are endless.

To create your intelligent avatar, we require a picture and either your biography or business data.

The more data you provide, the more authentic will be your avatar and it will have a more complex personality.

We offer a comprehensive guide to assist you in continuously adding to your biographical data, ensuring that data insertion is not a barrier.

We value your privacy. All the information you provide is used solely to create and enhance your avatar. We have established partnerships with recognized avatar companies to ensure the quality and security of your digital representation.

The process to clone you is relatively quick, thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence we utilize.

However, the time can vary depending on the amount of information provided and the server demand at any given time.

You can use our “Creator Mode” feature to have your avatar express what you wish to convey to your audience.

Simply select the mode, choose the language, and voice type, and write in the chat what you want the avatar to communicate. Creating content has never been easier.

Do you have more questions or bright ideas?

We'd love to hear from you! Join the revolution of digital identity and connect directly with the CloneByMe team.